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timers(+) is a brand new timer system for GameMaker with improved and expanded functionality, and no limit to the number of alarms that an object instance can have.

- Allow multiple instances of timers to run simultaneously
- Timer endactions
- Start timers
- Stop timers
- Pause timers
- Resume timers
- Restart timers
- Reset timers
- Loop timers
- Destroy timers
- Reverse timer direction
- Update timers current time
- Timers that count upwards or downwards
- Timer that executes x number of times before destroying itself
- Script execution on upwards, downwards, or both directions of timer completion
- Execute the timer completion script every x iterations with modulo property

How To Install:
1. Download .yymp File
2. Open Up GameMaker Project
3. Click On Tools In Top Nav Bar
4. Click On Import Local Package
5. Select .yymp File Installed
6. Select Scripts Folder In Package Resources
7. Click Add All
8. Click Import
9. Done!

How To Use:
1. Download and Import Asset.
2. Go to object that will utilize timer functionality.
3. Create Event --> timer_object_create()
4. Step Event --> timer_object_step()
5. Cleanup and/or Destroy Event --> timer_object_cleanup()

If you have any bugs or any ideas for additional functionality that you would like to see, contact me through one of the following channels:
- Twitter: twitter.com/gentoogames
- Discord: _gentoo_#7927
- Twitch: twitch.tv/gentoogames


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timers(+).yymp 57 kB
timers+.yyz 287 kB


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Very good asset. Super easy to setup and with solid features.
The only downside is to not be able to add argument to script launched by a timer, as they are required.
May be adding an argument holding an array in the timer_create / timer_create_ext in order to be used with the script_execute in the timer_object_beginstep.