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Please see the attached YouTube video for more instructions on how to use.

This asset automatically takes your dungeon room layouts, as a sprite, and converts them into a randomized dungeon. In a matter of minutes, you can customize this asset to create the dungeon you need for your games, and create levels similar to the ones seen in The Binding of Isaac and The Legend of Zelda.

Please note that the sprites seen in the video attached, are NOT included in this asset and can be downloaded by navigating to the following link: https://sodacoma.itch.io/awakening-complete-tileset

This asset is created primarily as a learning tool for those interested in learning more about GameMaker and Black-Box systems.

- Customizable Dimensions
- Fully Customizable Room Layouts
- Regions & Biomes 
- Minimap

How To Use:
1. Download Project and Import Asset
2. Open Up sprite_layouts and extend the canvas to accompany the desired number of room layouts.
3. Customize the room layouts to your desire, adding more game objects if so needed.
4. Any included game objects need to be added to the global.color_unit_map ds_map found in the obj_dungeon_controller object. This data structure stores the RGBA values of the pixel color in the layout sprite, and translates this data into the game object that it will spawn.
5. Customize the other properties found in obj_dungeon_controller.
6. Enjoy!


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BitmapDungeonAsset.zip 130 kB


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This is amazing! Thank you so much for this!

I tried to open the file (* .yyz) and I found this little bug (if you want to fix it)

Anyway, awesome assets! Thank you :)

Is this for Gamemaker 2 or Gamemaker 1.4? 


This was made for GMS 2, I have not tested it with GMS 1 specifically, but as long as they share similar surface/buffer functions, then this should work with it just fine.

Smooth asset! :)