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The Dynamic Controller & Gamepad Mapping library for GameMaker is designed to allow developers to implement in-game controller updating and key-mapping. In as little as 30 lines of code, create a universal system that allows gamepad and keyboard support.

How To Use: ***SEE VIDEO***

I have included several youtube videos that walk through how to setup and use this asset, as well as explaining the behind the scenes for each of the scripts. This asset is a little confusing at first, but with a bit of explanation, exploration, and patience, you’ll quickly understand how this is working and how to implement it into your own project.


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ControllerMapping.zip 281 kB
ControllerMapping.yyz 63 kB


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Hey Gentoo, not sure if you're still working on this asset, but its broken on a fresh download. 

There is a bug where its looking for a gamepad port (number) but its being passed a string.  A possible solution is updating joystick_check. 

Also the game pad port mapping only works when set or incrementing from zero. If there is a direct input controller plugged in IE PS4 controller, game maker will set it to slot five or above.  A nice improvement to this asset would be dynamically mapping the game pad slots rather than incrementing from zero. (I could just be using this asset incorrectly xD).

Thanks for making this asset!