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*Please see the attached YouTube video for more instructions and how to use.
This GameMaker Studio 2 project contains the following contents:

  • spr_dummy_base
  • spr_dummy_stem
  • spr_dummy_body
  • spr_punching_bag
  • obj_dummy_base
  • obj_dummy_stem
  • obj_dummy_body
  • shader_white

With this asset you can implement a simple physics dummy in your game, whether that be a side scrolling action platformer or a top down turn-based puzzle game. Any project that you can imagine can utilize this asset, and with a few minor changes, this dummy can be fully customized to whatever you want. Note that your game does not need be a physics based game to use this object, you can simply have this be the only physics based object in your game.

The shader is included for the white flashing effect seen whenever an object hits the dummy object. 

Please note that this asset does NOT include the player object, or any of the shooting functionality shown in the first gif. This gif was included to demonstrate a possible application for the dummy asset.

How to Setup:
1. Download Asset
2. Import Objects, Sprites, and Shader Into Project
3. Make Sure Your Room is Setup As A Physics Room
4. Drag & Drop the Base Object Into Your Room
5. Press Play


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PhysicsDummyAsset.zip 59 kB

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