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Quetzalcoatl is a multiplayer party game designed to be played locally with up to four players. Compete against each other to sacrifice more prisoners than your competitors and gain the praise of the mighty Quetzalcoatl by executing superior platforming and mashing skills.

Controls: Supports Keyboard and/or gamepad support for more than one player. 

Keyboard – WASD to move, JKL to act. J to Jump. K to Pickup and Throw. L to Sacrifice. ARROW to move, X to jump. C to Pickup and Throw. Z to Sacrifice 

Gamepad – Joystick/DPAD to move, Bottom button to jump. Left button to Pickup and throw. Right button to sacrifice. 

Start/Enter Shift/Select for Fullscreen Exit/Escape

How To Play: Find the prisoner, take him to the altar. Mash the sacrifice button as fast as possible to execute him swiftly.

Updated 13 hours ago
Published 5 days ago
Release date 6 days ago
Tags2D, GameMaker, party-game, Pixel Art


SacrificesMustBeMadeBackup.zip 23 MB


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any chance the source code could be released? cheers!