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- WASD to move
- J to Open & Close (doors, toilets, pantry, etc.)
- K to Pick Up & Put And Put Down (dogs, dog bowls, etc.)
- J to get food into dog bowl
- SPACE to yell at your dogs
- H to zoom out and look at the larger map
- R to restart the room and try again.

All dogs eventually die... and it is your job to give your dogs a nice life full of food, water, and love. Make sure that these doggos don't starve, and instead, pass away from old age, as every good dog should.

How To Play:
- Dogs are swarming you! Keep them alive and healthy by feeding them and making sure they have access to a water source by opening up toilet bowls and getting dog-bowls from the cabinet, and filling them up with food from the pantry.
- Dogs are pretty dumb sometimes, so it is important to find them, pick them up, and move them to water/food if necessary.
- Get points for making sure your dogs eat and drink, and for keeping the house as clean as possible.  Also get points for allowing your dog to not starve to death! YOU MONSTER!

How To Win:
- Get the highest score possible after taking care of A Hundred Dogs!
- Average game lasts about 7 minutes.

- You cannot open up anything if you are holding bowls or a dog, so make sure to plan wisely when moving from task to task.
- These dogs are very determined and may burst through walls if you aren't paying attention to them and giving them the food and water they need.

- This game does utilize a random map generation, so that means it is possible that you encounter a map with closed off rooms. If this is the case, then restart the room to try again. I was unable to flesh out all of the bugs in the room generation,  and while this doesn't happen too often, it is possible.

This was made from scratch in 72 hours. The pixel art and programming was all done by myself, and the music was done by the wonderful and great Mark Sparling. Please go support him by following him on twitter: @Markymark665. Consider following me as well @GentooGames.


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